Competitive Idaho Elk Hunting Rates


Rates include transportation from the airport, lodging, meals and field care of your trophy. Hunting trips are fully guided, 3 day hunt for all bulls. You may hunt with the weapon of your choice - Rifle, Archery and Blackpowder.

Bull Elk on Elk Valley Ranch

BULL ELK - SCI Scoring System

(Over 400 Gross will be charged $200 per inch over 400)

Pair of Elk on Elk Valley Ranch


1-800-ELK-VALI (1-800-355-8254) OR 1-208-682-4343 CHUCK CELL: 1-406-360-8951


Each hunt includes lodging, meals and more at the Silver Horn Hotel in Kellogg, Idaho - 10 miles from Elk Valley Ranch

Discounts available for self feed, camp and help with animals on the Ranch. There is 110, 220, well water, and RV septic dump available.

Refridgeration unit runs at 27° (F) and will cool down meat immediately protecting the high quality of your Elk meat. Partly frozen meat maintains its quality while in transit home. Also, 12 ft. stainless steel meat cutting table available for processing on sight. We can completely bone out your Elk meat for a small fee.

NOTE: Weapons must be sighted in and dead on. You draw blood, and you have purchased the animal regardless of condition and whether it is recovered or not. Also, once you leave front gate, the care and condition of your meat / animal and cape is your total responsibility.

Elk Bugle

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