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Elk Ranch

Elk meat is the highest quality protein and lowest in cholesterol and fat. Our elk are disease-free, feeding on high quality pellet feed winter, spring and summer, rendering unsurpassed quality and flavor.

Our Goal is to provide the client with an exciting and successful hunting experience in the great outdoors while ensuring the protection of the environment and the safety of the client.

Rifle, Archery or Black Powder Hunting of Trophy Elk from a private herd located in Northern Idaho, near Montana, Oregon, and Washington — No Licenses or Tags Required — Opportunity for All (including Physically Challenged individuals)

Preserving our forefathers' hunting heritage, the right to hunt and the 2nd Amendment the right to own, carry and bare arms.

Elk Valley Ranch meets or exceeds the concept of "Fair Chase" established by the Safari Club International and The North American Hunting Preserves.

Fair Chase – hunting areas, which provide animals a reasonable opportunity to avoid being found or to evade the hunter, through a combination of size, terrain and vegetative cover.

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